Manitoba Stick Tour


The 2023-24 Manitoba Stick Curling Tour (MSCT) season has come to an end and the MSCT is pleased to announce the Inaugural season's champions are

2024 Manitoba Stick Curling Tour Women's Champions - Lynne Rehbein & Gwen Smith

Gwen and Lynne will be participating in the Manitoba Stick Curling Association Provincial Championship-Women's Division in Warren, Manitoba February 2 - 4 along with 23 other Womens teams. Good Luck to all in Warren.

2024 Manitoba Stick Curling Tour Open Champions Resby Coutts & Norm Magnusson

Resby and Norm will be competing against 23 other Open teams in the Manitoba Stick Curling Association Provincial Championship-Open Division in Morris, Manitoba February 16 - 18. Good Luck to all in Morris.


Teams/players accumulate points from scheduled MSCT events that will be used to identify MSCT Champions in the Open and Women’s divisions. The Open and Women’s Champions will be based on the team/individual's five best MSCT events and receive one team entry to the MSCA Provincial Championships.

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Going Forward

The Tour has acquired a Laser Measuring Device (LRM) in an attempt to consolidate and streamline the Tie-breaker process associated with pool based events.

The MSCT recognizes that all events are unique, however the proposed process does allow for several scenarios.

The MSCT will make available the LRM device and supporting forms to all interested Tour events.


The MSCT has put forward the following rule amendment to the MSCA:

"Any objects placed between the hog lines during 2 Person Stick play (e.g., extra rocks, placards, … ) shall be considered an extension of the side boards. A moving stone that contacts any of these objects will be deemed out of play at the point of contact."

Barring any rule changes by the MSCA/CSCA this will be the approach suggested for the 2024-25 MSCT season.


Goals of the MSCT include:

a) Promoting 2 Person Stick Curling throughout the Province,

b) Promoting participation in the many 2 Person Stick Bonspiels throughout the Province,

c) Bringing the 2 Person Stick Curling Community together regularly throughout the season,

d) Involving the Manitoba Stick Curling Association (MSCA) at the curling club level and

e) Developing additional Women's events and Women's teams around the Province.

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